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    Wanting to join tDRCt


    Wanting to join tDRCt Empty Wanting to join tDRCt

    Post  RAIDERFA on Tue Sep 08, 2009 5:57 pm

    I am raiderface currently with sSs and i am very interested in joining tDRCt. I am looking into tDRCt as i have the utmost repect for its members, I am crew w. Speedy, Dirty Rev, Gevo(sry name is too long to remember how to spell), the Rocken Donkey, Damon Donkey, 2fastfyall, Condemned Soul, Rodrun, and Robster1... And many others just cant remember all at this time.. I feel I bring a decent amount of respect I have earned in this game as of know, yet I am always trying to earn more by showing more. I bring in a fair sized crew w/ me of 588, and I am currently Lvl. 334.. And the other reason I am interested in joining tDRCt is every crew needs a RAIDERS fan on board, as they say we are

    Thank You for the time and opportunity and again I am
    Raiderface, UID# 11242035

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